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Happy New Year! We wanted to take a moment to thank all of our clients, customers, partners and friends who read our blog and provide valuable input, feedback and topics you’d like to see addressed here. We look forward to another year of healthy dialogue and providing content and educational pieces to help our audience understand how to unlock and realize savings in medical equipment costs.

As we ramp up 2019, we know that cost savings remains a top concern for nearly every hospital and many of the topics we covered in 2018 continue to be relevant for hospitals as they work to find new ways to reduce costs and generate savings in 2019. We wanted to start this year by reflecting back on 2018 and sharing the most popular posts published last year. Without further ado, here are the three most popular posts from 2018:

  1. The Cost Containment Imperative for 2018: Is There a Silver Bullet?

This post from early 2018 identified medical equipment cost savings as the closest thing to a “silver bullet” for hospitals leaders to meet their cost containment priorities in 2018. This post touched on three of the top savings priorities hospital leaders were expected to focus their attention on – reducing clinical variation, labor costs and revenue cycle – and reminded them to also look for savings in medical equipment costs that can often be overlooked.

The cost containment imperative for hospitals continues to be relevant in 2019.  While there is no single “silver bullet” to relieve all hospitals’ cost pressure, this post is a good reminder that there are in fact positive steps hospitals can take to find the savings they need.

  1. Becker’s Hospital Review Features Cost Savings from Miga Solutions

This post reflected on an article written by Miga that was featured in Becker’s Hospital Review, focused on examples of how hospitals can maximize savings from their capital equipment negotiations, and contribute to their cost savings objectives. The post outlined 3 proven strategies to level the playing field between hospitals and suppliers so hospitals pay less for equipment and service, and serves as a reminder that effective cost savings strategies always start with having the right information.

  1. How Calling the Right Play Can Help Hospitals Win Again Strong Financial Challenges

We penned this blog post just after the Philadelphia Eagles’ amazing last minute victory in Super Bowl LII, encouraging and reminding healthcare leaders that they too can enact change in their organizations if they are able to make different (and sometimes “tough” calls) just like Eagles did to win the big game. With financial challenges rising to the top of the list of issues affecting hospital CEOs in coming years, we discussed how taking informed risks, challenging the status quo, and breaking old habits is what’s needed for hospitals to “win” against their financial challenges.

In 2019, we will continue to provide content with cost savings insights and strategies related to medical and IT equipment that can help hospitals meet their financial goals. We will also keep driving home the many benefits of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as a cost saving strategy to managing medical and IT equipment costs that can bring meaningful savings and operational efficiencies to nearly every hospital.

Thanks for reading, and please check back for new posts we’ll continue to publish over the year. As always, please contact us with any comments or suggestions and be sure to let us know if there are any topics you’d like to see us cover in 2019!

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