Too Much To Do and Not Enough Time?

Continued market volatility and supply chain disruptions are forcing hospitals to work harder than ever to ensure they get the medical equipment and supplies needed for patient care. Industry labor shortages are adding pressure to hospital staff already stretched thin from 2+ years of jumping through hoops to get critical products delivered. Without more hands to help, or hours in the day, it is hard to get everything done. It is impossible to forecast when market conditions will improve, but for now, here is one strategy hospital are using to cross more off their list. 

Ask supplier representatives for help. Your suppliers already spend hours trying to add value and grow their business with you. Consider asking them to help with certain activities needed to finalize purchase decisions. From validating equipment specs to compiling user feedback or verifying existing inventory, your suppliers are an immediate and low-cost resource to “expand” your team’s bandwidth. Suppliers win when you buy their product; they are often more willing to help than hospitals expect.

How often has a supplier asked what else they can do to earn your business? Now is a good time to let them know, and ask for help. Nearly every type of purchase ultimately requires the supplier’s involvement. Asking them to help earlier, and more often, is one way to cross more activities off your list and be certain your hospital gets the equipment and supplies it needs.