Simple Strategies To Save Before Year End

It’s not too late.

The year is almost over. But there is still time to save money for your hospital. Here are three ways to maximize savings on equipment lifecycle costs going into 2023.

1. Commit now; don’t wait. If it’s budgeted for 2023 but you already have approval, can you lock up the deal at today’s price but still pay next year?

2. Check internally first. Before you buy, does your hospital already have the equipment at a different location? The bigger your organization, the more likely the answer is “yes” which will allow you to avoid buying anything at all.

3. Consolidate. On average, hospitals only use 60% of clinical equipment capacity. Does your hospital have capacity on equipment you are planning to purchase but could use internally at no additional cost? You might be surprised and it costs nothing to ask.

Sometimes the simplest strategies are the easiest to act on. These end-of-year savings ideas are an opportunity to help your hospital save money and get the most value from equipment it already owns.  

Miga Solutions provides the most accurate and actionable pricing information, enabling hospitals to lower their medical equipment total cost of ownership (TCO) by 12-16%. To learn more about how your hospital can save, contact us.