Party like it’s 2023. Plan like it’s 2021.

This New Year’s, nothing is certain. Welcome to the “tripledemic.”

Despite forecasts that predicted a return to more normal market conditions heading into 2023, an international surge in Covid cases, particularly in China, combined with RSV and flu cases, makes normal increasingly unlikely. This tripledemic will continue to disrupt supply chains and pressure hospital operations.  

So don’t lose sight of the tried-and-true practices that worked during the pandemic.

  1. Maintain inventory above pre-pandemic levels.
  2. Increase order quantities because allocations might continue to be tight.
  3. Pester suppliers about your orders; it’s better to be annoying than nice and out of stock.
  4. Expect that higher prices are here to stay.
  5. Be prepared to consider used options for equipment that might not be available.

As we head into 2023, expect the unexpected. And plan like it’s 2021.

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