Overcoming Shipping Delays on Critical Supplies

If you’re like many hospitals across the country, the pressure is still on to make sure the equipment and supplies your staff needs are delivered in a timely manner. Today, the timing of standard freight shipments is not as reliable as it was pre-pandemic. As shipping volumes continue to strain existing resources, and ongoing supply shortages make delivery timing even more critical, you need to find more reliable ways to get your products delivered.

Freight Can Be Unpredictable

Normally freight shipments (packed on pallets) are transferred to several different trucks through multiple shipping hubs before they finally get to you. This means there are more chances for your shipment to get delayed. We saw it happen just this week…

The second of two shipments of surgical gowns from a west coast supplier to a Northeast hospital just got delivered — three weeks after it shipped. This was more than 2 weeks later than a similar shipment from the same supplier.

Here’s a Tip: Book a Dedicated Truck

Shipping critical products on a dedicated truck means that the driver has one job: pick up your critical products and get them delivered to you as soon as safely possible. No depots. No truck changes. No distribution centers. Ensuring your products get a non-stop express ticket straight to your loading dock means you can be confident the critical products that your patients, physicians and staff need are there when needed. It’s a proven successful strategy.

A Dedicated Truck Can Be Surprisingly Affordable

Traditionally, the cost of a dedicated truck would be far greater than standard freight or “LTL” shipping. But today that is not always the case. With COVID-19, some drivers are more interested in direct shipments as a way to minimize the number of stops, loading and unloading. Shop around and you’ll be surprised how affordable it can be.

Plus, there are many other benefits — faster delivery, operational reliability, and peace of mind — that can make booking a dedicated truck a smart decision for your bottom line.

Crunch the numbers on the true cost of not having the products you need and you’ll probably see that there are times when a dedicated truck is good for your bottom line.

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