Overcome Supply Shortages through Conservation

Supply chain disruption and product shortages are not new problems for hospitals. Sourcing critical goods is as hard as ever with ongoing manufacturing and shipping delays making availability unpredictable. There are limited options for solving some of these needs, but here is one creative way hospitals can help address current shortages.

Recognize conservation efforts. Celebrate employees who lead or participate in supply conservation efforts. Recognition is an easy and inexpensive way to reinforce the importance of conservation and encourage participation. Optimizing use and minimizing waste of hard-to-get supplies can stretch inventory and help buy time until more becomes available. 

One hospital surgical team was recently recognized for a simple change to OR prep that reduced use of up to 6 surgical items per procedure. Instead of opening 7 items in advance, they now only open them as requested by the surgeon. At a town hall meeting, the CFO thanked the surgical team for helping stretch available supply and reducing waste of 100+ surgical products weekly that will save an estimated $79,000 annually.

Recognize the conservation efforts of your colleagues and help your hospital get through current supply chain challenges.