New Medical Equipment Might be Better — But Used is Ready to Ship.

With medical equipment supply chain issues not going away, be sure to address the real issue: new equipment might simply not be available. Used equipment might be the only way to get the make and model you want. 

Buy used medical equipment instead of waiting for new. Many hospitals balk at the idea of buying used, particularly when the budget for new is approved. But the idea that new is better is just that: an idea. There are no data supporting the universal superiority of new versus used for the same make and model of medical equipment. 

One hospital had been waiting 4 months for new patient monitors they had ordered. After finally deciding to buy refurbished monitors instead of waiting longer, they got them within a week and saved 42%. Having the equipment your doctors and patients need sooner may be better than waiting for new. Add the benefit of cost savings on used equipment, and you might even change your definition of better.

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