NCBA Conference Recap: The Growing Role of Healthcare Technology Management Professionals

Last week, Miga’s CEO and Founder, Peter Robson, had the opportunity to speak at the 2017 NCBA Conference in Alexandria, Minn. Peter discussed the evolving and expanding role of healthcare technology management professionals in helping their hospitals “navigate the storm” facing the healthcare industry by driving down medical equipment costs.

Peter identified three key strategies from HTM professionals:

  1. Learn a new language

Rather than focusing on equipment features and functionality, learn to speak the language of the CFO- i.e. “revenue-ese.” Demonstrate how your work has quantitative benefits for your hospital.

  1. Plan for contingencies

In today’s uncertain environment, always have a “plan B” that accounts for changes in budget, cost or other considerations.

  1. Communicate results

HTM professionals tend to shy away from self-promotion. Remember to showcase the results you’re achieving for your hospital!


5 Peter Speaking Edited

After the presentation, we welcomed NCBA attendees to our booth at the annual vendor show. We were happy to see our current clients and enjoyed speaking with attendees about uncovering cost savings and finding the equipment solutions they need. This year, Miga added a “guess the price” game to reinforce the critical role HTM professionals play in helping their hospitals make the best equipment decisions.

The Miga team had a great time and we look forward to seeing everyone next year!



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