NCBA 2017 Conference: How Healthcare Technology Management Professionals Can Transform Hospital Costs

What do biomedical engineering, healthcare reform and Bluetooth speakers have in common? The short answer is “change.”

Working with hospitals across the U.S., we increasingly see biomedical engineers taking on a more strategic role in managing the convergence of clinical technology and traditional IT, which many hospitals now refer to as healthcare technology management (HTM). Today’s HTM professionals are expanding their focus on service, maintenance and support to have an even bigger impact in their organizations.

Change is a given when it comes to the potential impact of healthcare reform. The likelihood of reform makes it hard for hospitals to know what the future looks like. No matter what the future holds, HTM departments can play a broader role in finding new and innovative ways to reduce costs.

I’ll be sharing more insights about these topics in my presentation at the upcoming North Central Biomed Association (NCBA) conference in Alexandria, Minn. on Sept. 21.  Stop by the Miga Solutions booth at the vendor showcase to learn more about the evolving role of HTM professionals and how they can drive change in today’s challenging healthcare environment.

Finally, it goes without saying that the technology we use every day is constantly changing, even the way we listen to music. Please visit us at NCBA to enter to win an Amazon Alexa Bluetooth speaker.

I hope to see you there!

About the Author


Peter Robson, Miga founder and CEO, is passionate about the opportunity to reduce the cost of healthcare and founded Miga with a vision of transforming the market for medical equipment. Peter oversees day to day operations and leads business development, expanding Miga’s network of clients, suppliers and strategic partners around the world.