Miga Solutions Showcases Benchmarking 2.0® Benefits With New Website

Plymouth, MN – February 23, 2016 – Miga Solutions, developer of the pioneering Benchmarking 2.0® methodology that helps hospitals reduce medical equipment lifecycle costs, today announced a redesigned website that showcases the many benefits hospitals can derive using its Equipment Value Management System® (EVMS). Visitors to the new website can learn how leading U.S. hospitals are using the most accurate and comprehensive industry pricing information combined with expert and specialized services to save 12-16% of their entire medical equipment lifecycle costs.

EVMS provides client hospitals with two fundamental benefits that traditional benchmarking resources fail to deliver related to the medical equipment purchasing process: the ability to Know the Right Price and Get the Right Price. EVMS, the core of Miga’s next-generation Benchmarking 2.0® solution, uses proprietary algorithms to analyze pricing information and identify potential savings in all medical equipment lifecycle costs. “The new website reflects Miga’s commitment to making it easier for hospitals to gain insight and learn how they can leverage Benchmarking 2.0® and EVMS to drive substantial savings and bottom-line impact for their organization,” said Peter Robson, CEO of Miga Solutions.

In addition to unveiling the benefits and approach of Benchmarking 2.0®, the new website also features a more visually centered, responsive design, social media integrations and brand new testimonials from executives at leading hospitals and providers in the U.S.

Robson continued, “Education is a critical resource for hospitals working to drive down costs. Our new website will be a channel where visitors can access valuable insights, white papers and best practices that they can leverage against their own hospitals’ savings priorities.”

About Miga Solutions

Miga Solutions has been enabling leading hospitals to lower their annual medical equipment costs since 2004. Miga’s proprietary Benchmarking 2.0® platform, Equipment Value Management System® (EVMS), combines the most complete and accurate pricing information on medical equipment with expert and specialized services that together enable hospitals to benchmark, make, and implement more cost-effective spending decisions across the entire medical equipment lifecycle.