Miga Market Update: Supply chain conditions as of 11.23.22

As we head into the holidays and year-end, global supply chain conditions are uncertain, and will remain so, into 2023. Each week, hospitals report new supplier-confirmed backorders that won’t be filled until mid-2023 or later.

The most recent urgent product requests include saline vials, bags, and flushes; EKG electrodes; 3M® 1010 surgical drapes; large size specialty needles; cannula tips; and select BD blood collection products, green top tubes in particular.

There continue to be backlogs and delays for a range of equipment due to shortages of materials and components including chips, monitor displays, and batteries. Hospitals should triple-check pending and outstanding orders for delays that could affect operations.

Hospitals should also monitor and increase order quantity for most-in-demand products until the reliability of supplier allocations and delivery times improves. Conservation of some products remains an option for minimizing the impact of shortages.

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