Miga EVMS Evaluates More Than $1 Billion in Medical Equipment Spending

Plymouth, MN – March 10, 2015 – Miga Solutions, developer of the pioneering Benchmarking 2.0® methodology that helps hospitals reduce medical equipment lifecycle costs, today announced that its Equipment Value Management System® (EVMS) and analytics services have evaluated $1 billion in medical equipment lifecycle value including purchase quotes, service contracts, capital budgets, asset purchases or divestitures, and more.

Said Peter Robson, Miga Solutions CEO, “Our hospital clients continue to demonstrate the power of the right information – and our EVMS platform – to deliver meaningful savings and bottom-line impact for their organizations.  This milestone is a terrific validation of the Benchmarking 2.0® methodology and Miga’s market leading EVMS platform as a proven system for helping hospitals achieve their savings objectives.  In reality, we have barely scratched the surface in tapping the full potential of the untapped savings hidden in the $93 billion of annual medical equipment lifecyle costs incurred by hospitals every year.”

Hospitals are facing increasing pressure to find new ways to analyze and cut costs, and many more of them are turning to innovation solutions like Miga’s EVMS to confidently make and execute smarter medical equipment lifecycle spending decisions.

About Miga Solutions

Miga Solutions has been enabling leading hospitals to lower their annual medical equipment costs since 2004. Miga’s proprietary Benchmarking 2.0® platform, Equipment Value Management System® (EVMS), combines the most complete and accurate pricing information on medical equipment with expert and specialized services that together enable hospitals to benchmark, make, and implement more cost-effective spending decisions across the entire medical equipment lifecycle.