Market Alert: Update on BD Vacutainer Production

This Market Alert is to make you aware of the most recent update from BD (July 15) regarding vacutainer production and availability. Many hospitals continue to report challenges getting certain BD products, this update may help direct you to more readily available SKUs. Please see below for a summary of information reported by BD. Read the full update and see BD recommended substitutions.

The most significant new information in the July 15 BD update is that “certain lower-volume” blood tubes, wing sets and urine collection will remain on a production hold through October 2022. These include:

Blood Collection Tubes: 367835, 368589, 366450, 367844, 367862, 368661, 368587, 366480, 367671, 368056, 367963, 638660, 367814, 366668, 367981, 367989, 367987, 367985

Wing Sets : 367326, 367338, 367336, 367323, 367334

Urine Collection Sets: 364954, 364946, 364981, 364989, 364990, 364991

BD indicated it will re-evaluate these products in October 2022 to determine if and when production can resume.

We recommend staying in close contact with your BD rep to monitor the status of existing orders. Given ongoing delays, timing has been unpredictable. If you have an urgent need for any specific SKUs please contact Miga for more information or to confirm availability – there are some SKUs available to ship immediately.

Miga will continue to monitor the market and share any new updates or information as soon as it becomes available.

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