Market Alert: Possible Shortages of AED Accessories

This market alert is being sent in response to a growing number of requests from hospitals for help finding AED accessories.

As you probably know, AEDs require FDA approval for use. You probably also know about new FDA requirements that AED accessories – batteries, pads, electrodes etc. – now also require FDA approval. What you may or may not be aware of is that the new FDA requirement for AED accessories technically went into effect in February, 2020, but was delayed to give healthcare providers time to transition (where applicable) to FDA-approved AED accessories. The new deadline is February 3, 2022 – just 8 days from now. With this deadline quickly approaching, hospitals have been scrambling to ensure they have adequate inventory on-hand, and there are currently shortages of certain critical AED accessory products.

Verify your current inventory of AED accessories; increase orders if needed to ensure you get what you need. With a recent surge in demand as the deadline nears, suppliers are reporting insufficient inventory and a growing backlog of orders. Backorders are expected to continue for the time being, with global supply chain shortages and shipping delays adding to the problem.  

The ongoing pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the hospital supply chain. Don’t get caught short of the AED accessories your hospital needs. Despite the current and continuous supply chain challenges, there are steps you can take to be sure your hospital has the best chance in getting the critical products it needs. Need help figuring out AED accessories or finding other in-demand products? Miga Solutions would be glad to assist you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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