Market Alert: BD Product Codes Temporarily Halted

This market alert is to share new information released by BD on May 6th, following the update published by BD on May 2nd and sent by Miga last week. The previous alert was published and is viewable on the BD website, the most recent information about product codes that have been placed on a temporary production hold was sent to customers by BD on May 6th. The newest update communicated the following: 

  • BD is temporarily halting production of the product codes below
  • Existing customer orders for any product codes below will be canceled by BD

Hospitals using any of the these products will need to find alternatives for the near term. It is recommended you contact your BD or distributor representative to confirm what products are available and get on the list for new orders. At this time, BD has not provided any estimate of when production for these products will resume.  Miga will continue to monitor market conditions for these BD products and share any relevant information and updates as they become available. Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can provide any additional information.

367835: Tube EDTA PLC 13X75 3.0 PLBL LAV
368589: Tube EDTA GC 13X100 7.0 PLBL LAV
366450: Tube EDTA GC 13X100 7.0 PLBL LAV
367844: Tube EDTA PLC 13X75 4.0 PLBL LAV
367862: Tube EDTA PLH 13X75 SLBLCE LAV
368661: Tube EDTA PLC 13X100 6.0 PLBL LAV
368587: Tube GLU PLC 13X75 4.0 PLBL GR
366480: Tube NAHEP GC 16X100 10.0 PLBL GN
367671: Tube NAHEP GH 13X75 2.0 PLBL CE GN
367961: Tube PST PLH 13X100 3.5 PLBL L/GN
368056: Tube PST PLC 13X75 3.0 PLBL GN/GR
367963: Tube PST PLH 13X100 4.5 SLBL L/GN
368660: Tube PLN PLC 13X100 6.0 PLBL RD
367814: Tube PLN PLC 13X100 5.0 PLBL RD
366668: Tube PLN PLC 13X75 3.0 PLBL Red
367989: Tube SST PLH 13×100 5.0 SLBL Gold
367987: Tube SST PLC 16×100 7.5 PLBL RD/GR
367985: Tube PLUS SST 16X125 10.0 PLBL CE
367981: Tube SST PLC 13X75 3.5 PLBL RD/GR
367326: 21g 12″ w/o luer
367338: 21g 7″ w/ luer
367336: 23g 7″ w/ luer
367323: 25g 12″ w/o luer
367335: 25g 7″ w/ luer
364954: KIT URIN CUP 13X75 4.0 C&S GR
364946: KIT URIN CUP 16X100 8.0 CONI UAP RD/YEL
364981: KIT URIN CUP PLC 16X100 10.0 UA YEL
364989: KIT URIN CUP 16X100 8.0 CONI UA YEL
364990: KIT URIN TRANSTR 16X100 10.0 UA YEL

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