How Hospitals Find Extra Savings When Purchasing Medical Equipment

When you purchase medical equipment, you may think you’re getting the best price, but there are many variables that affect the true cost of equipment:  product configuration and options; pricing terms and applicable discounts; special incentives or promotions; trade-in value; warranty terms; and more. Even if you’ve purchased the same equipment previously at a good price, that doesn’t mean there aren’t better deals available today that can save you even more money.

Unless you have a crystal ball, or can track these many details on a regular basis, the only way to be certain you’re getting the best price every time is to benchmark every equipment purchase quote against the best and most complete product and pricing information available before you issue a purchase order.

A community hospital in New England recently found out how valuable using the best information can be. Before finalizing a $170,000 purchase of two new ultrasound machines, they ran an EVMS Purchase Quote Review and identified a special promotion. The hospital used this information to negotiate additional savings of more than $21,000, or an extra 12.6%, off what they had been prepared to pay. 

If you’re an EVMS subscriber, you already have access to the best information available. Take this tip as a reminder that every purchase quote has the potential for extra savings, and using EVMS to benchmark before every purchase is the best way to save your hospital the most money in the long run.

If you’ve never used our Equipment Value Management System (EVMS), we would love the opportunity to show you how to know with certainty you’re getting the best price and maximize savings for your hospital. You’ll quickly understand what makes our data and technology better, and how EVMS can find you more savings than any other solution available. 

Why Pay More than You Should?

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