Don’t Lose Money on Equipment Trade-ins

Would you trade in your car without knowing what it is worth? Of course not. Would it surprise you to learn that hospitals do it with their old medical equipment every day?  The decision to trade in equipment is often one of the most expensive decisions a hospital can make. Most hospitals just want to know that the trade-in value they are getting is fair and consistent with what their equipment is worth. But how can you know?

Request initial supplier quotes without a trade-in included. Trade-in offers don’t necessarily reflect what equipment is worth, and may include additional discounts or promotional incentives you could get without having to give up your old equipment. Trade-in offers can often look attractive but could be masking the true value of your equipment, and costing you money (value) that you should be getting for your old equipment.

Establishing the stand-alone price of the new equipment is the first step in making the best decision whether or not to move forward with your trade-in. This is the best way to be confident that you are getting the most savings for your hospital.

Stay tuned for next week’s tip that is part two of “How to not lose money on equipment trade-ins.”

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