Don’t Get Too Comfortable With Old Prices

Being comfortable isn’t always a good thing, especially when it comes to the price of medical equipment. The market for medical equipment is dynamic and constantly changing, and so are supplier pricing strategies and potential savings opportunities. Just because a price you paid in the past was ‘good’ compared to market prices then, doesn’t mean you can assume that price is still good today. The price you are being quoted may actually be much higher than what would be considered a ‘good’ price today.

Always validate the most current prices quoted to your hospital, even if they are the same or better than prices you’ve paid in the past. Monitor market trends and use information resources to analyze your pricing so you can know you are getting the most savings.

Taking steps to validate that current pricing from your supplier is ‘good’ in today’s market is a great way to be certain about (and comfortable with) your equipment spending decisions. Rejecting the ‘comfort’ of prices from the past is a proven way to get the best price and avoid letting savings pass you by.