Create Competition to Save on Service Costs

Hospitals often rely on one or more primary service providers to service and maintain their medical equipment. Whether service is provided by an OEM or independent third party, these working relationships can deepen over time, with both the hospital and service provider getting comfortable with the arrangement. There are many potential benefits to this mutual loyalty, but it can also come at the expense of reducing competition for your hospital’s service business and limiting the opportunity to lower costs.

Create competition by always considering multiple service providers when awarding equipment service business. Healthy competition can help you know if you are getting the best price and coverage from your current service provider – and if not – give you other options to consider. Either way, you win with more savings!

With an estimated 68% of total annual medical equipment lifecycle costs spent on service, hospitals can’t afford to overlook savings in equipment service costs and the potential value of healthy competition. If your preferred service provider has your interests at heart, competition may help them find ways to deliver ever more value and protect and grow your important relationship.