Bolster Your Hospital’s Bottom Line: How to Gain Negotiation Leverage in Capital Equipment Purchases and Service Contracts

Many hospitals don’t realize just how much they are/may be overpaying for medical equipment purchases and service contracts. This can adversely impact each hospital’s bottom line for many years – five, seven, ten – or even longer depending on the anticipated life of the equipment. Join our complimentary webinar to find out how the right information can help you gain an advantage in your capital medical equipment purchase and service contract negotiations. Learn how to achieve meaningful savings and structural cost reduction to positively impact your bottom line for years to come.

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This webinar will help you and your staff learn how to use available, yet difficult-to-find market insights and information – combined with negotiation best practices – to level the playing field with capital equipment vendors and achieve more favorable negotiation results. Using these disciplined strategies and tactics, your hospital can gain more pricing leverage and drive structural cost reduction over the lifecycle of your capital medical equipment.

Date: Tuesday, May 1

Time: 12:00 Central

Presenter: Peter Robson, CEO, Miga Solutions


Topics covered:

  • Why capital medical equipment purchases require different strategies than most other types of hospital purchases
  • Types of information and insight that can help hospitals be more effective in their negotiations throughout the medical equipment lifecycle
  • How the “3 Cs” of negotiation – competition, communication and commitment – can help hospitals level the playing field with equipment OEMs


About the Author


Peter Robson, Miga founder and CEO, is passionate about the opportunity to reduce the cost of healthcare and founded Miga with a vision of transforming the market for medical equipment. Peter oversees day to day operations and leads business development, expanding Miga’s network of clients, suppliers and strategic partners around the world.