3 Great Ways to Avoid Unnecessary Expenses on Digital Detectors

One pain point every hospital knows is the often unexpected expense of fixing or replacing digital detectors, which are fragile, sensitive to fluid intrusion, and hugely expensive to replace ($40,000 – $70,000). However, paying for detector service coverage is often even more expensive (between $20,000 and $50,000 every year). So, how does your hospital protect itself from the risks?

At Miga, we have more than a decade of experience available to help you think creatively when it comes to avoiding unnecessary equipment expenses. Here are just 3 tips that you may wish to consider:

1. Protect against fluid intrusion – As you may have learned the hard way, exposure to fluids of any kind will absolutely void your warranty. By simply covering the detector in a 20 cent clear plastic trash bag to protect it from spills, you can easily save your hospital from a $70,000 accident.

2. Consider dropping service coverage entirely – If your hospital’s risk guidelines allow it. Many of our hospital clients have dropped service contracts after doing what they can to protect their in-service units. This could easily save $40,000 per unit per year! You could also buy an extra (new or pre-owned) unit as a back-up, and your bio-med team may be able to provide all the service you require.

3. Upgrade and convert to digital – Instead of purchasing a new system, upgrade your analog unit. Most analog systems can be easily converted to digital by adding a detector. This will save you about 30-50% compared to the cost of a new digital system without any loss of features or function.

About the Author


Peter Robson, Miga founder and CEO, is passionate about the opportunity to reduce the cost of healthcare and founded Miga with a vision of transforming the market for medical equipment. Peter oversees day to day operations and leads business development, expanding Miga’s network of clients, suppliers and strategic partners around the world.