Use Interns to Help Find Savings (During COVID-19)

Hospitals continue to face challenges brought on by COVID-19, and hospital staff are all being asked to do more with less. This includes taking on the responsibilities and tasks of coworkers whose positions have been temporarily or permanently eliminated. In addition to putting more stress on hospital personnel and day-to-day operations, many hospitals report not having sufficient staff resources to complete all the activities that could save money – including on equipment costs.  Here is one way to get help to manage the extra workload.

Offer paid internships to students in your area looking for real-world healthcare industry experience. With COVID-19, many internships and part-time positions that are important learning opportunities for students and aspiring professionals have dried up. There is a growing, untapped pool of capable young minds that can be a helpful supplemental resource, particularly if they can help you find savings.

Connect with prospective interns through career services offices at area colleges and universities.  There are also a number of different online platforms that accept job/internship listings and can connect you with students looking for career opportunities. Offering internships can help young people learn about careers in healthcare, while providing additional, affordable labor to help your hospital complete important activities that can help you save.  In addition, the fresh perspectives, viewpoints, and tech-savvy habits of a student population could bring a welcome addition to your team. Don’t miss the opportunity to offer internships as another way to keep up with the demands of today’s complex hospital environment.