Having trouble finding the equipment your hospital needs? Here’s one idea.

For hospitals, global supply chain disruptions and demand due to COVID 19 is making certain types of medical and lab equipment hard to get. Hospital staff are working hard to find what they need, often relying on traditional procurement strategies and supplier networks they have counted on in the past. The pandemic has shown hospitals that relying on the same strategies and suppliers is no longer sufficient and needs aren’t all being met. But what can you do?

Use specialized tools and search technologies as an effective way to “cast a wider net” and increase the chances of getting the equipment you need. Whether new, used, or demo equipment, expanding your search beyond your current suppliers and a simple Google search can make it easier and more likely that you’ll get the equipment you need (and at a “fair” – market competitive – price from reliable suppliers).

Increase Your Success, Reduce Your Stress

You have plenty to worry about right now. Reduce the worry and stress about not getting the equipment your hospital needs with tools to expand your search and increase your probability of success. While for some hospitals the pressure from COVID-19 is lessening, challenging supply chain conditions and global demand for equipment are likely with us for a while. Use tools that can help you solve this important need.

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