Sole source is a growing risk for your hospital. Time to diversify.

China continues to wrestle with Covid. The war in Ukraine continues to limit the access to critical raw materials – including lithium, which has exacerbated the global shortage of batteries. And hospitals are seeing higher rates of backorders, a situation likely to get worse in coming weeks, particularly for those still relying on sole source supply agreements.

Consider diversifying by:

  1. adding another provider so you don’t have all your risk with one supplier;
  2. buying products produced outside of Asia;
  3. looking at North America, particularly Mexico, where an increasing number of leading manufacturers are establishing factories closer to home.

No matter how you diversify, reducing hospital reliance on any single supplier is a must-have strategy for adapting to the post-pandemic world.

We’ll be happy to share our knowledge and the experiences of other hospitals who have had benefited from similar diversification strategies.

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