Save Money… Consider Pre-Owned Equipment

Who doesn’t like saving money?  The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the financial challenges facing hospitals, and saving money is more critical than ever. The idea of saving money is appealing, but figuring out how to actually find the savings is a bit more challenging.  There is one easy way to save that historically may have overlooked, but is worth considering.

When buying medical equipment, consider pre-owned or refurbished systems instead of new and get more bang for your capital budget buck.  In many cases, you can find quality equipment that can meet the needs of your hospital at half (or less) the cost of new equipment.

There are certainly considerations when buying used equipment and not all equipment will be available on the pre-owned market.  Physicians and staff often want the latest and greatest equipment, and may initially resist buying what they consider as “inferior” equipment.  Help shift their thinking by reminding them that used equipment can offer the same features and clinical benefits, and can generate the same reimbursement as new equipment, benefitting your hospital’s bottom line.