Market Alert: BD Update on Vacutainer® Production – 12.1.22

This alert is to make you aware of the most recent update issued by BD on December 1st regarding Vacutainer® production and availability. Hospitals are still reporting issues getting certain SKUs, and this most recent update details SKUs that will no longer be produced, and others that will resume production in 2023. Please see below for a summary of information reported by BD.

Blood collection tubes: An important announcement from this update is that BD will permanently stop production of 9 of the paused blood collection tubes: 367835, 368589, 367844, 368661, 368587, 368056, 638660, 367981, 367987. 

In addition, BD expects to resume production of the remaining paused SKUs in spring of 2023: 366450, 367862, 366480, 367671, 367963, 367814, 366668, 367989, 367985.

Urine collection tubes: BD is resuming production of SKUs 364946 and 364990, and continuing the pause on SKUs 364954, 364981, 364989, and 364991 to be reevaluated in January of 2023.

Wingsets: BD is permanently stopping production of paused wingset SKUs 367323, 367326, 367338, 367336, and 367335.

Let us know if we can help.

Read the full update and see a complete list of discontinued and paused SKUs and the corresponding BD recommended substitutions.

If you have an urgent need for specific BD SKUs, please contact Miga to confirm availability. Some SKUs are available to ship immediately; Miga is continuing to monitor market conditions and will share updates as they become available.

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