How to Manage Deliveries for Maximum Success

COVID-19 continues to stress hospital operations in numerous ways. This includes ongoing supply chain disruptions and delays in the delivery of critical PPE and medical equipment. Many hospitals and suppliers have been reporting delays in shipments they are expecting. Shipping companies are increasingly concerned that their drivers will have to enter the hospital. There is a growing number of drivers who are uncomfortable doing so given the perceived risk of COVID-19 exposure.

One easy way to reduce possible shipping delays is to let shippers know upfront if drivers will only be required to deliver to the hospital loading dock (assuming that is the case). This way, you can eliminate any concern a driver may have about entering a hospital facility and increase the likelihood your shipment arrives without delay.

Like with all important shipments, it will still be important to check with each supplier regularly on the status of your order. Eliminating potential stress for drivers can also reduce the stress on you and your team, and make sure you have what you need when you need it.