Like chicken, equipment quotes don’t get better with age.

In today’s medical equipment market, the one thing you can be sure of is volatility. Products are complicated; the slightest changes mean new model numbers, new pricing structures, and new service costs. Materials, production, and logistics costs change constantly. So do prices. But what happens when the quote you based your budget on expires before you can complete the purchase? Most likely the price will go up, and you may need to ask for more money to increase your budget. 

Here’s one easy way to avoid that headache. 

Check the quote expiration date and, if needed, get an updated one. 

By confirming your quote and pricing are still valid, you’ll avoid a last minute hang up once you do get final approval. If your quote is expired and you need to get an updated one, even if the new price is higher, at least you’ll know in advance and can adjust your budget and internal expectations. And make sure to run your quote through EVMS so you can be confident the pricing is good. 

Miga Solutions provides the most accurate and actionable pricing information, enabling hospitals to lower their medical equipment total cost of ownership (TCO) by 12-16%. To learn more about how your hospital can save, contact us.