Don’t Keep Your Success a Secret

Sharing cost saving success stories with your colleagues is an often overlooked way to support your hospitals’ savings goals and is valuable for two reasons.  First, communicating the success of others is an easy way to remind everyone with a positive message about the importance of savings.  Second, sharing the savings success of other employees can help make savings feel more attainable and encourage them to also pursue savings.  Plus, when your hospital finds a savings strategy that works, letting others know can increase the likelihood of repeated success, and additional savings.

Communicate savings wins by your hospital team.  Share what worked, and how much was saved to reinforce everyone’s ability to contribute to savings goals.

Don’t underestimate the power of positive reinforcement to help your hospital meet its savings goals.  Celebrating savings success – whether in a team meeting, through an established recognition program or even just by sending a quick email to your immediate team – can go a long way to building support for making your hospitals savings goals a reality.