Buy When You Are Ready, Not When Your Supplier Is

Hospitals often feel pressured to complete equipment purchases on deadlines tied to supplier’s sales goals. There are certainly opportunities to take advantage of supplier’s desire to get deals completed to meet their goals and business objectives. However, it doesn’t always meet the needs of the hospital – the buyer can make it stressful for department and supply chain executives who are left scrambling to finalize approvals prior to the “deadline”.

Don’t feel obligated to meet supplier imposed purchase deadlines if you are not ready. Remember, your suppliers are supposed to be working on your behalf.

The capital equipment budgeting and approval process can be a lengthy one for many hospitals. Too often, in a rush to meet supplier “deadlines”, hospitals miss out on savings they could have realized if they waited. Granted, certain supplier promotions are only available on a time-limited basis, but more often than not there are ways your suppliers can protect pricing to get you the best value. Take the time you need and if necessary, be prepared to let the purchase decision extend beyond the supplier “deadline”.