Are You Ready for the Unexpected?

Today’s healthcare environment is very uncertain, and COVID-19 has challenged hospitals in numerous ways and is forcing them to adapt to a new normal.  This includes having to manage ongoing supply chain disruptions and limited availability of critical PPE, supplies, and equipment.  It can be stressful – or worse – if your hospital is not ready with the supplies and equipment required to meet the (unpredictable) needs of patients and staff.

Plan ahead and buy now so your hospital is certain to have the resources it needs.  Whether it be increasing the stockpile of critical supplies, buying alternative products when a preferred product is unavailable, or renting equipment to backfill your fleet while waiting for new equipment to arrive, taking action now will help reduce the risk of not being ready when your patients and staff need it.

No one can predict how long the operational and financial challenges of COVID-19 will continue, so planning for the unexpected is a prudent strategy.  Don’t wait to invest in the resources you need, as waiting only increases the risk that what you need won’t be available or that you may be forced to buy at inflated prices due to market conditions at the time.  Play it safe and act now, and be ready for whatever may come.