Achieve Savings Success in 2020 – Change it up!

Many of us agonize over New Year’s Resolutions to improve or enhance various aspects of our lives. It’s really about taking steps to address challenges or opportunities we want to conquer and making a commitment at the start of the New Year to do something about it.  For hospitals, the need to save money and lower costs requires a similar commitment.


In 2020 – medical and IT equipment costs is a good place to find more savings. Hospitals often share how frustrating and inefficient their process for planning, budgeting and buying capital equipment is.  Do you know how much you can save your hospital by making it better?
Do one thing different in 2020 to make your process for capital “better”.  Better can mean lots of different things, but ultimately it needs to lead to “less expensive”. One good way to start is by making sure your hospital is using the best information to know it’s paying the right price and getting the most savings on all medical and IT equipment costs.


Change can take time but starts with one small step.  Don’t be disappointed if you do nothing different next year and get the same results. Each of us has the opportunity to contribute to positive change, now is a great time to start making it happen.  We look forward to sharing more industry insights and tips in 2020 that will help you continue finding savings in all your hospital’s medical and IT equipment lifecycle costs.


All the best for a happy, healthy and successful 2020!


The Miga Solutions Team