What does Miga Solutions do?

Miga Solutions provides information and services that help hospitals save money across the medical equipment lifecycle. Miga’s Equipment Value Management System® (EVMS) is the leading next generation price benchmarking platform that enables hospitals find and implement more cost-effective spending decisions on equipment purchases, service, and disposition.

What is EVMS?

EVMS stands for Equipment Value Management System®. It is Miga’s proprietary information platform that hospitals can subscribe to in order to maximize the value of their medical equipment spending.

How much does it cost to subscribe to EVMS?

EVMS is available through an annual subscription fee that is based on the size your hospital and scope of use. For more information about pricing please contact Miga at: (800) 913-MIGA (6442)

What do I get with an EVMS subscription?

A subscription provides hospitals with unlimited use of EVMS’s tools for the designated number of users. User set-up, training, client support and standard reporting are all included at no additional cost.

How do I use an EVMS subscription?

Miga’s Equipment Value Management System® is accessed online on a 24/7 basis. Support is provided via email and phone by Miga’s Client experience team, a dedicated group of knowledgeable experts who can help users get the information and services they need to meet their equipment savings goals.

How much money can Miga's EVMS help me save?

Savings will vary for each hospital based on a number of factors including size (# of beds) and the type and scope of clinical services offered. Miga can help you estimate the savings potential for your hospital, with typical potential savings for US hospitals averaging $12,000 per bed per year, or 12-16% additional savings on all medical equipment lifecycle costs.

Does Miga help me track my savings and results?

Absolutely. Miga understands the importance of being able to track and report your savings success. Each subscription includes standard reporting of every EVMS request submitted and the resulting identified and realized (actual) savings resulting from each request.

What types of equipment does Miga work with?

Miga’s products and services are focused exclusively on medical equipment and technology, and our ever expanding EVMS product and pricing database currently covers more than 27,000 unique makes and models of medical equipment from more than 2,000 manufacturers.